Friday, April 4, 2014

France Focus: What will you DO as missionaries in France?

Many of you have heard us share about the challenges of reaching the French with the gospel. For multiple reasons it's normally not as simple as going door-to-door. Typically there are many barriers that have to be torn down before the French will truly hear the good news. It takes a lot of prayer, creativity, and relationship-building (i.e. time). Some have asked what kind of things we would actually DO to reach the French once we arrived.  I wanted to highlight one creative approach being used right now as an example of the types of things we could do to gain a presence in the French community.

Gospel Cafe

Music is an effective tool in France, as it is in most places (you can click on the image for more details.) These concerts create a non-intimidating atmosphere in which they can communicate biblical truth, both through music and word, and hopefully create new relationships and opportunities. They're currently doing a concert about once a month in a nearby cafe and the next concert is tomorrow!  Please pray that the seed will fall on good soil and that God will produce much fruit.  Also pray that God will lead us to the financial partners we need to join the church-planting effort taking place in France.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Want to help? God can make a way!

I've been inspired recently by a church that has a heart to see the French come to know Christ, though I have no relationship with this congregation.  This weekend, Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Harrisburg, PA is holding their 10th annual book sale to help support World Team's church-planting efforts in France (you can read more about the sale here). What inspires me most is the determination to follow God's leading despite any obstacles in their way. Two men were burdened to see new churches started in France and they didn't focus on their own resources but on God's. In this digital age where the printed word is fading fast, this church has found a way to raise money to help spread the gospel.  They collect books throughout the year and last year they raised over $10,000! Our God is a creative God!

Sometimes we focus on the wrong questions. If God is stirring your heart to do something, just trust Him. God hasn't "fallen on hard times." He's still able to provide and to provide abundantly. If God burdens your heart for the over 65,000,000 French people (99%!) that need to know about Jesus, then let God lead you. He can show you where to get the money. We're committed to following God's call to France but we need help.  Will you help send us? Commit to partner with us in faith and we will trust that God will provide for both of our needs. God can make a way!  To find out more about the different giving options, click here.