Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Year in the Books!- Looking back and Looking ahead...

October 8th will mark one year since we set foot on French soil.  We are thankful!:

  • We are thankful for health (not once have we been to the dr for illness since we arrived which I hear is pretty rare)
  • We are thankful for friends.  We have all quickly made friends in our community, in the schools, in the church, through teaching English
  • We are thankful for "family".  We have been able to spend time with other missionary families who are also missing their family and friends back home and we have been able to be family to each other.
  • We are thankful for language acquisition.  Everyone has made great progress in French.  Brandon has already been able to preach his first sermon and the kids, well...they surpassed me a long time ago! 
  • We are thankful for ministry.  God has already begun to work in the lives of several families near us and we are beginning to see potential for long term ministry here in La Neuville D'Aumont.
Eucharisteo! (Thankful!)  God is good!

We feel very affirmed in our calling here in France.  Life is far from easy, but not once have we even considered packing up and going home...not on our worst day.  Does that mean that if we had, our calling would be less affirmed?  Not necessarily.  But we feel this is where God has us, not for two years, but until ???...until He calls us elsewhere.

That being said,we came to France on a two year assignment because that's how much money we had and we are trusting that He will provide the rest of what we need to remain in France long term.  **By we, I mostly mean Brandon is trusting, but I am working on it.  We currently lack about 50% of our monthly support to remain in France and its a large number, a number that scares me to think about.  But if I can look back and see how God has taken care of our family, then I can look ahead and trust that His is taking care of us still, whatever that looks like.

Here is where you can help:
  • PRAY- Everyone, no matter how much money you have, can pray.  Pray that God will put France on the hearts of those who might be looking for a place to support financially in ministry, whether that be churches or individuals.
  • SHARE- Share our story with those you know who might be interested in joining with us.  We are putting together information on our year of ministry here.  So, let us know if you would like to receive it.
  • THINK- If you can think of anyone (church or individual) who might want to receive an email, a call or more from us to hear about our ministry, please let us know.
  • GIVE- If you are already giving, we thank you!  If you aren't and would like to know hot to start, let us know OR simply go HERE.  We have people giving as little as $5/month.  There is no amount too small (or too big!).
" Eucharisteo Always Precedes the Miracle"  -Ann Voskamp

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One More Loved

God is good.

He brought our family to France to do our part in reaching the nations.

He took care of our children in a time of much transition.

He gave us peace and rest as we adjusted to our life here.

He gave us courage to learn a new language and culture.

He was and continues to be our strength in times of weakness and our joy in times of sadness.

He has called us and He has taken care of us every step of the way.

And now...

He has called our family to take another step of faith.

In January of this year we began the adoption process to bring home a child from China.  We know that the path will not be easy and we don't pretend to have it all figured out, but when God calls, we trust Him.  When He calls us to go to France and it takes us 10 years to get there, we trust Him.  When He calls us to continue praying that our financial support will come in, we trust Him and when He calls us to love a child we have yet to meet, we trust Him.  We trust Him to provide the finances.  We trust Him to provide the paperwork.  We trust Him to show us how to love like maybe we never have before.

We want to reassure our prayer and financial supporters that we are not asking you to give towards this adoption.  We are planning to fund the adoption through grants and other avenues.  We are once again trusting that God who called us to this, will provide the means, just as we continue to trust that He will provide 100% of what we need to remain in France as career missionaries.

We do ask you to pray.  Pray for our family as we continue to serve in France.  We have felt so very blessed to have had about as smooth of a transition as we ever could have imagined.  This kids have started to speak French very well, better than their parents.  We are making many new friends and look for every opportunity to show the love of Christ.  Pray for the child who will join our family, Lord willing, in the near future.  We are just finishing up our home study, so we still have at least 6-8 months before we will likely bring home the newest Burch member.

We thank you for continuing this journey with us and look forward to sharing updates with you as we have them.

God Bless!
"Eucharisteo-thanksgiving-always precedes the miracle"  -Ann Voskamp